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Bioware addresses Anthem loot, inscriptions and Masterwork crafting

Since launch, there has been plenty of talk surrounding Anthem and the various improvements BioWare can make to the game post-launch. Diablo 3's former senior designer even weighed in on the discussion. It looks like BioWare is eager to address this feedback, as Anthem's next patch will make a few promising changes to loot drops and item inscriptions.

One of the issues that has been brought up was the way Anthem handles item inscriptions, the random +/- stat roll that occurs on unlocking a new piece of equipment or weapon. Previously, there was the possibility to roll an inscription that would have no effect on the specific item type. Now, Inscriptions will be better for items they are on and pools of inscriptions are divided up based on weapon type. So instead of having one large ‘weapon pool' for inscriptions, you'll have separate pools for assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns etc.

Aside from that, changes to loot drops and Masterwork crafting are also coming. White (common) and green (uncommon) item drops will no longer happen when you reach level 30, guaranteeing veteran end-game players rare gear at the very least. The number of masterwork embers required for crafting is also being reduced from 25 to 15, giving players quicker access to high-tier gear in end-game.

This paired with the new inscription changes should make farming better end-game gear less tedious and frustrating. Although feedback on strongholds, legendary contracts and freeplay still needs to be addressed.

KitGuru Says: It is good to see Bioware stepping up and making these changes quickly. If the developers can continue with this pace, and also provide new content, then Anthem should be able to retain its dedicated players. Are many of you currently playing Anthem? Are there any other changes you would like to see?


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