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Black Mesa’s Xen chapters now in full beta

Back in June we learned that Black Mesa, a remake of Half-Life 1, was going to be getting a public beta for the Xen section of the game very soon. A limited beta has been available for a few weeks now but today, the full Xen Chapters have been pushed out into public beta, giving access to the complete version of Black Mesa.

The first technical beta contained the first three maps of the Xen chapter, continuing the story from the cliffhanger ending at the Lambda Core. The full Xen campaign is now available in public beta, complete with all nine maps. After this beta, additional content will be added, including Interloper, Ninilanth and Endgame, which will bring the total map count up to 18.

As the Crowbar Collective points out, there are some known issues with the current public beta. Old save files will cause problems, there are some lighting bugs and a few other issues that still need to be worked out. This is a beta after all, so if you are up to the task, be sure to provide feedback on any issues you come across.

The Xen chapters should exit beta and be implemented into the release version of Black Mesa in a few months time.

KitGuru Says: While there were some delays and setbacks, it looks like Black Mesa is now in the final stretch leading up to its full release. Are any of you planning on trying out the Xen beta? 

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