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Blizzard shares new Diablo IV details in quarterly developer update

While Blizzard isn't necessarily on solid ground with its fan base at the moment, the studio is taking at least one step in the right direction. This week, the first quarterly update on Diablo IV was released, detailing new progress being made on the game and changes already being implemented based on feedback from Blizzcon. 

Diablo IV does not have a release date just yet but we'll be getting regular progress updates as development continues, rather than staying silent until the next big event. The February update details UI changes, the addition of controller support on PC, how couch co-op works and a nice overview of enemy design- starting with a cannibal tribe.

Blizzard got a lot of feedback on UI from Blizzcon, due to this, the ‘painterly' design of the inventory screen is going to be changed to give more natural texture and realism to your stored items. Brightness and saturation of icon backgrounds has been tuned down and rarity indicators have been made a bit more subtle.

The classic Diablo action bar at the bottom of the screen is being moved from the left corner back to the centre based on feedback and players will also be able to re-bind the right mouse button in order to separate movement from attacking. Finally, Blizzard is planning on supporting controllers on PC for the first time in Diablo history, so players will have more choice over which UI and control method they prefer.

Couch co-op appeared in Diablo 3's Reaper of Souls expansion but it is getting tweaked for Diablo IV. For now, Blizzard is focusing on UI updates for two-player co-op, including the ability for players to tinker around in their inventories at the same time or independently of each other.

As part of the art direction update, Blizzard explains that monsters are being reimagined in a darker, grittier form. The team is also designing ‘monster families' and archetypes, so each family of monsters will have a different combat style and each archetype plays a different role in combat. One of the new monster families being introduced is the Cannibal tribe, which is described as a group of outcasts that prey on unsuspecting caravans and villages.

There is a lot more detail in the full post, so be sure to check that out, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: After a disastrous year for Diablo, Blizzard seems to be getting things back on track with Diablo IV. This new commitment to quarterly updates is also great to see. We don't need to know everything, but delivering little progress updates is something that fans always appreciate. Are many of you looking forward to Diablo IV? 

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