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Blooper Team confirms The Medium is already a financial success

Microsoft partnered up with Blooper Team for one of its first big exclusives of the Xbox Series X/S generation. That partnership appears to be paying off, as The Medium, which released just a few days ago, has already become profitable for the studio. 

Blooper Team is a small independent studio, best known for titles like Observer, Blair Witch and most recently, The Medium. With the backing of Xbox Game Studios publishing, The Medium became Blooper Team's biggest game yet. Now as reported by Gamespot, the studio has confirmed that the game has sold enough to cover development and marketing costs in just a few days.

While The Medium is an Xbox Series X/S console exclusive, it is also available on PC via both Steam and Game Pass. While many players will  have jumped into the game through Microsoft's subscription scheme, there is still a huge group of people buying the game outright.

Blooper Team is still an independent studio, so having a big launch like this should set the team up nicely for their next project.

KitGuru Says: Have many of you tried The Medium over the weekend? Did you get it through Game Pass or did you buy it? 

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