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Bravely Default II development update coming soon

Just a few weeks ago, the first signs of Bravely Default II's near release began appearing, as the game began receiving rating classifications. Now, Square Enix is teasing that news is indeed coming soon.

In a tweet translated by Gematsu celebrating the 8th anniversary of the original game, Square Enix said: “Information on Bravely Default II will be released soon, so please check it out”.

As you can see above, the tweet is accompanied by a new illustration from Naoki Ikushima, who worked on the original Bravely Default and later, also worked on Octopath Traveller.

Bravely Default II is set to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive and has had a 2020 release window since its announcement. The game was rated by the Australian Classification Board, indicating that a release is coming up soon.

KitGuru Says: Bravely Default has plenty of potential, so I have high hopes for the sequel on Switch. From the sounds of it, we'll finally get an update on its status soon. 

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