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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare cross-play plans detailed

While there were some issues getting all major platform holders to open up to the idea of cross-platform multiplayer, we have now reached a point where everyone is on board. As a result, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will officially be making the jump, opening up multiplayer matchmaking to include folks on Xbox One, PS4 and even PC.

Cross-platform multiplayer will have its first test as part of Modern Warfare’s open beta this weekend. The game will support controllers and keyboard/mouse across all platforms but players will be able to filter matchmaking to include controller-only lobbies or keyboard/mouse only lobbies. You can also keep the filters off and test out your gamepad skills against mouse and keyboard users.

Cross-play will be available for every multiplayer mode in Modern Warfare, although it won’t be supported for ranked or tournament play, so don’t expect to see a controller-equipped team go up against a squad of keyboard and mouse players in the finals of next year’s Call of Duty League.

While most of this is good news, there is one slight catch. In order to use cross-play, players will have to sign up for a COD account. If that sounds perfectly fine to you, then you can test out the feature in Modern Warfare’s open beta over the weekend.

KitGuru Says: Cross-platform multiplayer for games like this is something I’ve always wanted to see. With a giant like Call of Duty officially supporting it, we should start to see even more games adopt cross-play for multiplayer. Are any of you planning on playing the Modern Warfare beta this week? Will you be taking advantage of cross-play?

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