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Call of Duty Warzone players want crossplay to be disabled due to PC cheaters

We are still in the early days of crossplay between PC and console platforms in Call of Duty and while there wasn't as much of a cheating problem when the game was full price, the free-to-play Warzone mode has changed that. While 70,000 cheaters were banned worldwide just last week, this still seems to be a huge problem. 

There is already a bit of an advantage on a mouse/keyboard versus a gamepad while playing Warzone against console players. In the instances shared by Eurogamer though, there is clearly aim-botting going on, with people sniping well across the map, to others rapidly switching between and locking on to targets for swift, easy kills.

Another Day, Another Game with Cheaters. IW, You NEED to disable cross-play with PC until you fix this. from CODWarzone

The CODWarzone and Modernwarfare subreddits have been filled with examples like this recently and it appears to be turning some console players away from crossplay, which can be freely enabled and disabled in the game's settings.

The downside to this is that non-crossplay matchmaking is taking significantly longer than the alternative. Although that could change if console players start disabling the feature en-mass.

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KitGuru Says: Infinity Ward certainly needs to do something about this. Perhaps even enabling a cross-console matchmaking pool would be a good idea to speed up queue times. Aside from that, when you launch a free to play game, your anti-cheat needs to be rock solid, as it is so easy to just make a new account and jump right back in, even after being banned.  

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