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PC Gaming Wiki introduces categories for microtransactions and monetisation

The PC Gaming Wiki has become an essential tool these days, often gathering up quick details on new games, the resolutions/aspect ratios they support and various useful .ini tweaks and mods that can be installed to adjust things to your liking. The site is going to get more useful soon, with the tracking of microtransactions. 

While some games handle microtransaction systems well, others are predatory and sometimes warnings need to be in place to separate the two. That is partially what will be happening here, with all game listings on the PC Gaming Wiki coming with a microtransaction section listing off different categories.

Image Credit: PC Gaming Wiki

These categories will include loot boxes, cosmetics, content unlocks, XP boosts, virtual currency, pay-to-skip and ‘infinite cap'- a system in which microtransactions can be purchased indefinitely with no cap.

There will also be a selection of monetisation categories, breaking down when games are supported through advertisements, DLC, expansions, subscriptions or other means. Of course, some rare games are just free, so there is a section for that too.

You can see a breakdown of the new system and some examples of how it will impact game listings on the PC Gaming Wiki announcement post, HERE.

KitGuru Says: I regularly use the PC Gaming Wiki myself. It came in very useful last year for disabling Chromatic Aberration in The Outer Worlds. Do many of you use PC Gaming Wiki when picking up a new game? What do you think of the newly proposed changes? 

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