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Community tools open the door for more ambitious Witcher 3 mods

The Witcher 3 has been out for a few years now and while official modding tools paved the way for in-game tweaks and cosmetic additions, we haven't seen anything on the same level as Skyrim, where entire new quest lines can be created. That could change now though, as community modders have created their own tools that can be used to create a wider variety of mods.

Radish Modding Tools has been released on NexusMods by user ‘rmemr'. With these tools, modders can make edits to the environment, create new quest lines, insert new dialogue for characters and more.

While these tools are available, they do require ‘intermediate or advanced' Witcher 3 modding knowledge. Beyond that, the creator behind Radish wants various modders to chip in with creating a knowledge base, with documentation and guides on how to tackle certain tasks.

The tools available include a storyboard draft UI, environment parameter UI, Radish Quest UI and the Radish foliage generator. There are also scene, quest, strings and environment encoders to insert new creations into the game. Finally, speech tools are also going to be available, which will generate lip sync animations based on audio files.

It will take time for people to figure these tools out but it looks like The Witcher 3 modding scene is going to get very exciting.

KitGuru Says: Games like Skyrim thrive on the post-launch modding scene. I had always hoped that we would see something similar for The Witcher 3 and now it looks like that might be possible. Hopefully we start to see some new mods popping up over the next few months.

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