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Cyberpunk 2077 main story will be a bit shorter than The Witcher 3

While many played all the way through The Witcher 3, there was a good portion of players that played many hours without making it to the finish line. CD Projekt Red kept this in mind when creating the main story for Cyberpunk 2077, which will be slightly shorter than The Witcher 3’s main quest line.

Speaking during the Night City Wire Post Show, CD Projekt Red quest designer, Patrick Mills, confirmed that “the main story run in Cyberpunk 2077 is slightly shorter than The Witcher 3”. He also added that this was because a lot of people never made it to the end of The Witcher 3.

Of course, that doesn’t mean this will be a short game by any means. These comments purely relate to the main quest chain, not accounting for side activities or multiple playthroughs.

In fact, Cyberpunk 2077 should have a lot more replay-value than The Witcher 3, with more ways to solve quests, different character ‘life paths’ and unique quests for each one. With that in mind, RPG enthusiasts should have no issues spending over 200 hours in Cyberpunk 2077, if not more. Those who just focus on the main story though won’t have to invest quite as much time into the game.

KitGuru Says: I’m fully expecting to spend more time in Cyberpunk 2077 compared to my 250 hours in The Witcher 3 due to the lifepaths system. With that in mind, I’m not too worried about any time discrepancies in the main campaign compared to The Witcher 3. What do you all think of this news though? Does this impact your excitement at all? 

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