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Cyberpunk 2077 PC update brings DLSS 3 and Nvidia Reflex

With patch 1.6, Cyberpunk 2077 finally made the step we'd all been waiting for, delivering a vastly more polished and feature-rich experience compared to launch. CD Projekt Red has taken a break from patches since then, but the downtime ends today with a new PC update, bringing Nvidia's Reflex and DLSS 3 features to the game. 

One area where Cyberpunk 2077 struggles is latency. This is felt across both PC and console, while aiming with a mouse or with a controller. Fortunately, with Nvidia Reflex being added to the game, Nvidia graphics card users to reduce latency further.

This update also brings DLSS 3, which was previously only available in a private beta build of Cyberpunk 2077. Now the feature is available to all, although the promised RT Overdrive graphical preset, which enables even more RT effects in-game, is still to be implemented. Thanks to DLSS 3, additional frames can be inserted into the image, paving the way for even higher frame rates, but the feature is limited to Nvidia's new and pricey RTX 40 series graphics cards.

The update for Cyberpunk 2077 is about 6.6GB in size and is already available through PC platforms like Steam and GOG Galaxy.

While DLSS 3 is only available for RTX 40 GPUs, those using older Nvidia graphics cards can still benefit from Nvidia Reflex.

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KitGuru Says: As someone with a previous-gen graphics card, I won't be able to try DLSS 3 for myself. However, I have spent a little bit of time in the game using Nvidia Reflex and it has made shooting feel snappier, which is a welcome improvement. 

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