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Daybreak splits off into three new studios

Back in 2015, Sony officially sold off Sony Online Entertainment and the studio re-branded itself as Daybreak Games. Now as we enter the 2020's, Daybreak is going under another big change, splitting up into three separate studios as part of a new ‘franchise first' initiative. 

Daybreak Games will now be split into Dimensional Ink Games, Darkpaw Games and Rogue Planet Games, with each studio splitting off and recruiting new talent. The hope is that each studio will take control over one of Daybreak's franchises. Each studio also aims create its own unique identity and build up new communities.

Dimensional Ink Games will be based in Texas, with Jack Emmert continuing to lead. Up to this point, Daybreak's Austin, Texas based offices have been in charge of DC Universe Online but will begin developing a new MMO project this year.

Darkpaw Games is based in San Diego and will take charge of EverQuest, continuing to support the older games while developing the “next innovation” for the series. Finally, Rogue Planet Games will also be based in San Diego and will be put in charge of PlanetSide while also working on a brand new IP.

No specific announcements have been made yet for new games but perhaps we'll hear more later in the year.

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KitGuru Says: Daybreak Games hasn't been much of a headline maker since H1Z1 was dethroned by newer battle royale titles. With the company splitting into three distinct studios, it will be interesting to see what they do next. 

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