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Dead Rising 3 to run at 720p

Microsoft has been keeping its head down lately, trying to ignore the resolution-gate scandals surrounding CoD Ghosts and Ryse on the Xbox One. That’s a smart plan too: the less disappointment we gamers have to deal with the better. However, today that streak ends as not only will Dead Rising 3 not run at the standard 1080p resolution, it’ll only manage to pump out 30 frames per second.

Josh Bridge, executive producer at Capcom Vancouver said in an interview with Eurogamer that 1080p wasn’t its main target:

“It was not really something we actually set as a mantra. When we first started there was no platform, it was PC and we were just targeting next-gen.” He continues, “It’s more important that the end image looks awesome – look at how much stuff is on screen, that’s always been a Dead Rising sort of brand. That still looks really good, and that’s been our goal. I hope it shows – just look at how much insane stuff is going on screen.”


It seems like most of the Xbox One’s resources were put in to what will hopefully be a better AI along with more zombies and objects on screen.

Dead Rising 3 is joining a long list of games that are failing to hit 1080p on the console, but that said,  the final hardware the developers have to work with is still relatively new. Microsoft has also incorporated ESRAM which is taking developers some time to come to grips with. Maybe next year we’ll get some better optimized games but for now the next generation seems a little rushed to market and lacking the power everyone was hoping for.

Kitguru Says: While the Xbox One has more games running at sub 1080p, the Playstation 4 isn’t perfect either as it emerged that the console was only capable of running Battlefield 4 at 900p. With 4K being heavily pushed forward, these consoles will get left behind in a couple of years. 

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