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Death Stranding is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC next week

Recently, there has been some discussion around Sony's exclusivity practices, including paying for ‘blocking rights' to keep certain titles from launching on Xbox Game Pass. Despite all of this, Death Stranding is now coming to Microsoft's service. 

While Sony owns the Death Stranding IP, the game was developed by Kojima Productions and 505 Games was brought in to publish a PC version of the game. Now, that PC version is heading to Xbox Game Pass, in partnership with Kojima Productions and 505 Games.

Microsoft announced today that Death Stranding will join the Xbox Game Pass for PC library on the 23rd of August, complete with all the features you would expect, from a suite of graphics options, unlocked frame rates, ultrawide support, a photo mode and more.

Death Stranding will only be playable through Xbox Game Pass for PC, so don't expect the game to show up on Xbox consoles, or even Xbox Cloud Gaming. The Game Pass version of the game will include some new unlockable items, including new Gold and Silver skeletons and plates, and a new pair of sunglasses for Sam to wear.

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KitGuru Says: This isn't the first time we've seen a Sony game available on Xbox Game Pass. Previously, MLB: The Show also went multiplatform and has launched day-one on Xbox Game Pass for two years in a row, despite being developed by a first-party PlayStation studio. 

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