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Destiny 3 reportedly enters full development with more focus on RPG elements

While Bungie has arguably only just got Destiny 2 back on its feet, it looks like the studio is already moving on to the next big thing. According to a known Destiny leaker, production on Destiny 3 kicked off this week, adding that a ‘solid base version' of the game is already up and running.

AnonTheNine has leaked plenty of Destiny news in the past. This time around, we are told that Bungie is gearing up for Destiny 3 now and that the studio plans to include Europa, the moon of Jupiter as a new location. Beyond that, we are told to expect a greater focus on RPG elements. While Destiny 2 at launch tried to cater to a more casual audience, this time around, Bungie wants to try and keep the hardcore players happy right out of the gate instead.

Apparently in Destiny 3, players will have the chance to wield the power of ‘Darkness' instead of Light. The Darkness has been present in Destiny since the first game, but the concept has never really been fully fleshed out. Some of the open world areas will now feature PvP too, in addition to PvE. It won't be like the Dark Zone in The Division, but rather a constant war over certain bits of territory- indicating that Guardians are going to be split into competing factions.

Obviously, this is all rumour for the time being. However, Destiny leaks are often fairly accurate and if Destiny 3 is entering full development, then we are bound to see more leaks over the next year.

KitGuru Says: I was a huge fan of Destiny 1 but Destiny 2 really dropped the ball for me. I'm not sure I'll be back for round 3 this time, although its nice to hear that some new ideas are being worked on. Did many of you enjoy Destiny 2? Will you be back for Destiny 3, or do you think the series has overstayed its welcome? 

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