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Devs freeze New World economy and issue permabans over new item duplication bug

At launch, New World's developers had to scramble to set up additional servers and increase player populations to put an end to queuing issues for players. Now six weeks on, many players have left the game behind as developers continue to fight major issues with the in-game economy. 

Last month, New World players discovered a duplication bug, which swiftly led to gold hoarding and a breakdown of the in-game economy. The developers were able to get a hold on things eventually, but a similar bug has now appeared over the weekend and as a result, Amazon has had to freeze New World's economy to deal with it.

With the economy frozen, no transfers of wealth can take place, including sending currency, the guild treasury, trading posts or player to player trading. So far, 1200 accounts have been permanently banned from New World for exploiting item duplication bugs.

There is another issue brewing in New World that needs to be addressed, as previously high population servers are now low population, which causes problems for the guild territory control mechanic that PvP is based on. Amazon has yet to announce changes in this area to reinvigorate PvP.

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KitGuru Says: New World had promise and seemed to be off to a good start, but it seems its time in the spotlight may already be over. Did any of you play New World at launch? Did you drop the game, or are you still playing? 

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