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French politicians urge rethink on Taxi laws due to Uber

Uber has been a pretty disruptive company to the traditional taxi industries around the world. There have been protests, sometimes violent, against the use of the technology as it tends to cut into the profits of those driving standard taxis. In the aftermath of these issues, Uber has actually suspended …

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UK Games companies are worth £1.7 Billion

The UK gaming industry consists of just under 2000 companies, 1902 to be exact and they seem to be doing quite well as they have a reported total economic value of around £1.72 Billion. This estimate is double what the UK industry was deemed to be worth back in 2012, …

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Forza 5 economy adjustment incoming

Forza 5 released as one of the few 1080p launch titles on the Xbox One. While the game is very pretty and runs at a smooth 60 frames per second, gamers found the cost of micro-transactions was ruining the experience, so the developer has now decided to change that. I …

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