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DICE details new changes to Battlefield 2042 maps to improve gameplay

DICE has been quiet recently under a barrage of complaints from Battlefield 2042 players. At the moment, the studio is working on major changes to the game and will then begin releasing new content over the Summer. The first of these major changes has now been revealed, with DICE outlining five key areas it aims to improve in Battlefield 2042's maps. 

In a lengthy blog post covering known issues with Battlefield 2042's maps, DICE outlined a number of changes it wants to make. One particular area of focus will be map traversal, as DICE aims to make the game feel less like a “walking simulator” at times. DICE also wants to make map changes to make fire fights more focused to make matches less chaotic and confusing.

“One of the core issues we have identified is Traversal. We both see, and have heard your frustrations on how long it takes on maps today to travel between Flags, or from Base Spawn to Flag. This comes as a result of the introduction of 128 players in combination with some of the biggest maps that we’ve ever created as playspaces. While the larger maps offer more playspace and freedom, a side effect is that gameplay is now spread out more, resulting in an overall increase in time to combat when related to playing the objective.”

Currently, DICE is looking to “deduce the overall travel time” between Flag and Base Spawn on some maps. The team is also working to make changes to re-focus the action in 128-player and Breakthrough matches, but the team is also seeking for feedback on the balance between vehicle and infantry in this mode, so expect further tweaks.

Other map design changes will focus on line of sight, paths towards objectives and the amount of in-game cover. The team will be shuffling these things around to make battles more fair between attacking and defending sides. There will be another development update later this month to cover more areas the team will be focusing on based on player feedback.

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KitGuru Says: Battlefield 2042 has had a lot of negative press recently, but it seems that DICE is committed to making changes to improve the game. Hopefully by the end of this year, the game will have had the turnaround it needs to bring players back in. 


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