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Ghostrunner ‘Project Hel’ expansion launches today

While Cyberpunk 2077 may have let us down a little at launch, there were other cyberpunk games released in 2020 that surpassed expectations. One of those games was none other than Ghostrunner, which is making headlines again this year thanks to its new major expansion. 

Ghostrunner released in Autumn 2020, putting players in the shoes of Jack the Ghostrunner, tasked with freeing The Architect and liberating Dharma Tower from oppressive rulers. Along the way, players have to dash, wall-run, grapple, dodge and take out enemies. Each level is almost like a puzzle, challenging players to find the quickest and most efficient, or flashiest ways of taking out enemies and making it through each zone.

Now, we can return to Dharma Tower for a bit more action. Today, Ghostrunner's major expansion, Project_Hel, officially released across platforms. Initially planned as a small, free DLC, Project Hel ended up growing in scope and became a full expansion.

The expansion will put players in the role of Hel, who appears in Ghostrunner as the second major boss. She first appears in the game climbing down Dharma Tower just as Jack is making his way up. The expansion will focus on what Hel was doing after avoiding Jack and going off on her own mission.

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KitGuru Says: I loved Ghostrunner and had a blast playing it back at launch. Hopefully this expansion can live up to the original game with fun combat and level design. Did any of you play Ghostrunner back at launch? Will you be returning for the expansion this month? 

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