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DICE reportedly scrapped plans to turn Battlefield into a hero shooter

DICE initially had big plans for Battlefield 2042, but much of that had to be scrapped following the overwhelmingly negative reception from players. Now, as the next Battlefield enters pre-production, we are learning about the ideas DICE is throwing out, including a plan to transition Battlefield into a hero shooter. 

According to Tom Henderson in an Xfire report, sources have said that DICE will likely be “reverting a lot of the changes” made with Battlefield 2042. It is also suggested that DICE will walk back on its plans to turn Battlefield into a hero shooter to rival the likes of Call of Duty and Overwatch.

Currently, EA is conducting playtests on Battlefield 2042's class system and will make adjustments to make specialist roles fit more closely to classes. Like Battlefield 2042, the next game in the series will also be set in either modern-day, or the near future.

Aside from laying the groundwork for the next game, DICE is also working on fixing Battlefield 2042, with planned updates and changes throughout the year to turn the game around. Then, over the Summer, the studio will finally start rolling out new content for the game. Battlefield 2042 is expected to get at least four seasons of content, each with its own battle pass and new specialist.

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KitGuru Says: If there is one thing Battlefield fans didn't want, it was for the game to become more like Call of Duty. Hopefully next time around, DICE can double down on the gameplay focus that made past games in the series unique, rather than chasing trends set by competitors. 

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