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GeForce Now adds six more games and an exclusive in-game event

It is time for another GeForce Now library update. This week is mostly focused on smaller titles, like Project Zomboid, but GeForce Now subscribers also have access to a couple of in-game exclusives for logging into certain titles with GFN. 

From the 24th of March until the 28th of April GeForce Now is running an exclusive in-game event with MapleStory. Players who log into the game using GFN during this time period will receive a special quest that grants players an exclusive pet and an event box with more in-game items.

As we see every Thursday, today Nvidia has also rolled out some new games for the GeForce Now library. Six games have been added to the service, including:

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KitGuru Says: There should be another GFN update next week, so expect to see more games. Things are looking a bit quiet for major releases over April and May though. 

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