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Doom Eternal cheat engine paves way for third-person mode and return of pistol

There have been several gameplay changes made for Doom Eternal, including the addition of larger platforming sections, a new resource management system to keep your armour, health and ammo up, as well as the removal of the starter pistol from DOOM 2016. It turns out that the starter pistol is still in the game though, and you can make some other changes to the game through cheats too. 

The FearLess Cheat Engine is being updated with features for Doom Eternal. This includes the likes of re-implementing the pistol, allowing console commands and even playing through the game as a third-person shooter, which you can see footage of below:

I'm not sure why anyone would miss the pistol because it was pretty useless in DOOM (2016), but if you would like to at least have access to it, then Cheat Engine can make it happen. It does not fit with the new combat system though, which calls for glory kills to keep your health up, chainsawing to resupply ammo and using your flamethrower to get additional armour drops from enemies. The pistol has unlimited ammo, so it doesn't really fit the combat model.

Seeing Doom Eternal in third-person though is an interesting change. You get much more awareness of the level layout, your position and enemy positioning. Although it does have some bugs, as bullets seemingly begin to fire from behind the character model.

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KitGuru Says: It will be interesting to see what else modders can make possible with Doom Eternal down the road. Have many of you been playing this recently? 

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