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Dragon Ball FighterZ Pass 3 adds Super Baby 2 and Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta in 2021

It has been almost three years since Dragon Ball FighterZ launched and during that time, Arc System Works has not stopped working on the game. At this point, the developers are working on FighterZ Pass 3, which is adding two additional characters to the game in 2021. 

So far, FighterZ Pass 3 has included three characters – Kefla, Ultra Instinct Goku and Master Roshi. On the 15th of January, pass owners will also be getting Super Baby 2 from Dragon Ball GT. The final fighter for the pass will be another fan-favourite GT character – Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta.

In the trailer above, we can see Super Baby 2's main set of moves and special abilities. We'll have to wait a bit longer to see Gogeta (one of Goku and Vegeta's fusion forms) in action.

FighterZ Pass 3 kicked off back in February 2020 and will finish a few months in to 2021 once work on Gogeta has finished. We don't know if there will be a FighterZ Pass 4 yet but hopefully we'll hear more about the future of Dragon Ball FighterZ in a few months time.

KitGuru Says: Dragon Ball FighterZ has had a long life, but there is still room for growth given the Dragon Ball series' massive roster of characters. Are there any characters you would like to see added to the game in 2021? 

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