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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot trailer teases brand new story moments

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is just a couple of weeks away from releasing and while we've seen some gameplay snippets, the trailers so far have been mostly story-focused. This Time on Dragon Ball Z Kakarot changes that a bit, running down the playable characters, side activities and even teasing some never before seen story moments. 

This is classed as the game's launch trailer, giving us one last official look before the game is in our hands. You can watch the whole trailer below:

While this has been teased as an RPG before, the trailer sets some expectations. You will be able to do side activities like fishing and training for stat buffs and the side quests are described as ‘light-hearted', so there won't be anything particularly meaty outside of the main story. Still, if you enjoyed some of Dragon Ball Z's filler episodes and more comedic moments, then they could be fun.

The big tease here is the inclusion of never-before-seen story moments that “answer burning questions about the Dragon Ball Z lore”.

KitGuru Says: As with most Dragon Ball games, this one is going to be primarily aimed at those who are fans of the series already. Are any of you looking forward to picking this up later this month? 

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