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Fallout 4 teaser site was fake, creator speaks out

If you've been following the recent Fallout 4 rumours, then chances are you've come across the ‘survivor2299' website. Unfortunately, it turns out that the whole thing was fake but in an interesting turn of events, the site's creator has come out to explain why he did it.

The page has now been reduced to just playing piano music but before the VGX awards took place, it did display a countdown clock, so what was the goal here? Well it turns out that the creator is a Fallout fan himself and was doing this to try and force Bethesda to officially announce Fallout 4. “‘I wanted to force Bethesda to reveal something during VGX on 12/11, and bring /r/Fallout community together (for at least 3 weeks)’,” he told readers on his Reddit AMA, titled ‘Uhm, Hello? I'm the  Prick behind thesurvivor2299'.


He also explained that he wanted to release a CGI trailer that he had made but Bethesda got to him before he could: “I'm one of these ‘selfish bastards with a lot of money' so I wanted to release a CGI trailer,” he said. “But Bethesda marketing executive, Pete Hines, killed my plans. Maybe I'll release it later along with the script, so somebody else can use it!”

In all, this whole hoax cost him £605 to pull off but £550 of that was setting up a fake phone number.

The last Fallout game, New Vegas, was released back in 2010. The latest game is rumoured to be set in Boston but we probably won't know anything until next year.

KitGuru Says: It's a shame his plan to force Bethesda in to revealing the game didn't work, a lot of people would have liked to see it. I also want to see this CGI trailer that he made, it might not be real but at least it would be entertaining. 

Source: Reddit

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