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Fallout 76 bug teleports players inside of locked vault

Last month, Bethesda began banning Fallout 76 players for gaining access to the game's dev room. Now, players have managed to gain access to another locked off part of the game. This time around, players were able to get into Vault 63, although the player that found the bug is hoping to be let off the hook.

A player by the name of ‘McStaken' on Reddit shared details of the latest Fallout 76 bug. According to them and a few other players, the Rad-Rat Horde event quest is teleporting players into Vault 63 by mistake. This vault is locked off for the time being, although additional vault quests are part of Bethesda's 2019 roadmap for the game.

Since Bethesda has been taking a hard stance on those abusing bugs or glitches to access locked parts of the game, there is worry that this bug will lead to innocent players being banned. Particularly since players have been able to use exploits to gain access to other vaults on the map.

Still, that didn't stop McStaken from taking a look around the vault before fast travelling out. Several screenshots of the vault have been posted, including one of a dead resident, one of what appears to be a nuclear reactor and another that seems to show that Vault 63 is connected to a mining tunnel.

KitGuru Says: Fallout 76 has had more than its share of bugs since release. In this instance, it only seems right that players are let of the hook given that access to the vault was an unintended side-effect of participating in a quest. Bethesda has yet to say anything on the matter, but we'll likely see some form of response some time this week. 

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