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Final Fantasy 16 development is in ‘the home stretch’

We've been hearing that Final Fantasy 16 is in good shape for quite some time now. Earlier this year, Square Enix confirmed that the game is on track to release in the summer of 2023. Now, Final Fantasy 16 producer, Naoki Yoshida, has added that the game is in the final stretch of development. 

Following on from this week's new trailer reveal, Final Fantasy 16 producer, Naoki Yoshida, put out a message to fans, confirming that the game is now in “the home stretch” of development, with the team concentrating its efforts on debugging, polishing and optimisation:

Yoshida also confirms in the statement that we'll be getting some new details about the game fairly soon, as senior members of the development team have begun accepting interviews to talk about the upcoming game.

Final Fantasy 16 is currently a PlayStation exclusive, but it is believed that a PC version will arrive at a later date. The game does not have a solid release date yet, but chances are, we'll get one pretty early next year.

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