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Final Fantasy 16 is ‘essentially complete’, new trailer coming soon

Last week during an interview with a Japanese magazine, Final Fantasy 16 producer, Naoki Yoshida, confirmed that the game is now in the final phase of development. Now on a recent stream, we've learned a bit more about the game, including the fact that a trailer is locked in and ready to drop any day now. 

This week during a Nier Reincarnation stream, Naoki Yoshida ended up talking about Final Fantasy 16 once again. Thanks to Aitai Kimochi, we now know that Yoshida revealed that a new trailer for Final Fantasy 16 is ready and will be dropping “soon”. This trailer has actually been ready for a little while already, as previous rumours suggested, but “certain factors” caused it to be delayed.

Yoshida also reiterated a point made in an interview last week – Final Fantasy 16 is in the final phase of development, with the team focusing on polishing and fixing lingering bugs. At this point, the game is essentially complete, which could spark some new hope that the game will release this year.

There are several major gaming events taking place in June, although Sony has yet to announce its next major State of Play showcase. Since Final Fantasy 16 is launching as a PlayStation exclusive, we would expect the game to be a big part of Sony's next stream.

KitGuru Says: It sounds like we'll be getting some big Final Fantasy 16 news very soon. Hopefully once a release date is announced, we can get some clarification on when the game may come to other platforms, like PC. 

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