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Final Fantasy XV will be getting a four player co-op mode

Final Fantasy XV has finally gone gold and aside from the final game itself, fans of the game will also have some interesting DLC to look forward to, the first of which will add an online co-op mode to the sprawling RPG. Square Enix announced what would be in the first of its DLCs for the game this week, giving it the name ‘Comrades'.

The Comrades DLC will add up to four player co-op to Final Fantasy XV, giving players the chance to take on the roles of Prince Noctis and his crew. This will be a paid DLC though, so you will either need to grab the $24.99 season pass, or pick up the DLC when it is released as a standalone purchase.


Other DLCs in the season pass will focus on Noctis's three companions, which each one of them getting their own story to flesh out the character. There is no specific release schedule for Final Fantasy XV's season pass content just yet, but the final game is set to launch on the 29th of November, so we can expect additional as we enter 2017.

KitGuru Says: A co-op mode for Final Fantasy XV actually sounds pretty interesting, especially given that you will be running around the game-world with a group of four anyway. Are any of you planning on picking up the new Final Fantasy when it comes out?

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