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Fortnite Battle Royale gets no-build mode for new season

There are plenty of Battle Royale shooters around these days, but Fortnite remains unique thanks to its building mechanics. The downside to this is is that building structures creates a high barrier for entry, especially for those picking up the game for the first time. Epic Games was rumoured to be working on a no-build mode, but as it turns out, the studio has decided to switch building off entirely for Fortnite's main mode. 

For the start of Fortnite's new season, building has been switched off entirely. It's not gone forever though, as Epic says it is “up to the Resistance to get it back”. In early April, building will be switched back on for Battle Royale, so this change is temporary. This change is also only present in the default Battle Royale mode, so the Competitive/Ranked mode is unaffected.

Last year, reports claimed that Epic is working on a no-build version of Fortnite Battle Royale. This timed seasonal event confirms that Epic has been working on this and the balance changes that will be necessary following such a major change to gameplay.

With that in mind, no-build mode could come back in future seasons and alternatively, we could see Epic add it to Fortnite as a dedicated mode if the demand is there.

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KitGuru Says: Building is such a huge part of Fortnite's gameplay, so it will be interesting to see what players think of the game with player-made structures completely removed. Do you think Fortnite should add a dedicated no-build mode for Battle Royale? 

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