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Free to play Soul Calibur will be a PS3 exclusive

Soul Calibur is a long running franchise of fighting games and many might remember it's fourth iteration for featuring either Darth Vader or Yoda, depending on which console you bought it on. Well now it's getting a free to play version on the not-quite-dead-yet PlaySatation 3.

This free to play game will be called Soul Calibur: Lost Swords and is said to bridge the gap between Soul Calibur 4 and Soul Calibur 5. [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OmSf_CefVA'] The gameplay trailer debuted at the Tokyo game show this week.

The new game will bring a couple of extra features to the franchise, most notably, item discovery and a weapon forging system. We don't know exactly what these features do yet, but they probably work exactly how they sound. Items are most likely discovered through replaying fight sequences and achieving certain objectives during them. Once you have a compatible weapon and item, I expect you'll be able to fuse them together, making your weapon stronger, much like in the Nintendo franchise ‘Kid icarus'. Elemental style fighting mechanics are said to have been worked into the Soul Calibur 5 engine too, so ready your wind, water, fire and earth.

The only characters confirmed so far are Mitsurugi and Siegfried, although more should be announced soon. There is no word yet on what will be included in the game to make the free to play model profitable or an exact release date although, it is coming out during the Winter season.

KitGuru Says: I enjoyed the Soul Calibur games when I was younger. As long as Namco Bandai doesn't start withholding any series favourite characters to sell them as DLC or make it an arcade style pay for more lives game, then this could be worth checking out. 

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