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Overwatch won’t be free to play

After around a year of speculation, Blizzard today announced the proper release date for Overwatch and what payment model it will use. The game will be a full priced title, though skins will still be sold as microtransactions on the side. The game is also heading to the Xbox One …

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Bethesda has concerns about Battlecry

Bethesda announced its first venture in to the free to play realm back in 2014 with Battlecry, which was set to be a team-based multiplayer game but it looks like the project is having some issues. According to Bethesda, the company has “concerns” regarding the project, noting that right now …

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WildStar free to play closed beta launches

Earlier this year, it was announced that WildStar would be ditching the subscription model in favour of going free to play, in hopes that this would bring a surge of new players and keep the game alive. The switch to free to play is due to happen ‘this fall’ but …

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