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Microsoft wants to include ads in their free-to-play games

As much as video games are considered to be an art form, they also serve as a revenue stream for video game publishers. As such, in the pursuit of more influence, Microsoft is reportedly preparing to include ads in their free-to-play games.

As reported by Business Insider, Microsoft is currently in the development stages for a new program which will allow advertisers to place ads inside free-to-play games.

According to the report, these ads will show up in multiple forms, including but not limited to digitally rendered billboards in car racing games.

According to Business Insider, this new initiative is being created in order to offer new ways for free-to-play games to make money, with Microsoft themselves reportedly not taking a cut from this ad revenue – with all of it being shared between the game developer and the adtech company that places the ad.

Microsoft’s reason for this program is reportedly being done in an effort to expand their Xbox ad network. Companies such as Google have built entire Trillion Dollar companies on the back of ads, and so it makes sense that Microsoft would chase similar success in the long run.

While it is nice that Microsoft is not planning to take a cut, nothing is free in this world, and so we will have to wait and see what the exact details of this program end up being.

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