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Get a limited edition GTA made me do it TShirt

If like many of our readers, you found the latest round of bad press sent gaming (and specifically GTA's) way by the British tabloids, you might want to pick up this limited edition “GTA made me do it,” TShirt, currently available over at Teespring.

“They say video games make us do things which shouldn't be done,” reads the Tshirt's page. “To send out a message to such people, wear this exclusive Grand Theft Auto themed t-shirt and whenever you do a good deed, show the message to the haters. That's right, GTA made me do it.”

Featuring the traditional panel artwork that GTA popularised with its game cover art, the phrase “GTA made me do it,” is emblazoned on the front in the typical Rockstar typeface. There's a couple of options available too, giving you the chance to get a male or female Tshirt and a sleeveless tee too.

This isn't strictly Rockstar certified… but I'm sure it'd agree with the message

If you've not heard of it before, Teespring operates like a clothing version of Kickstarter. Designs need to have a certain threshold of pledges/purchases reached in order to go into full production with colour options and everything. As it stands, the GTA Change My Life Tshirt is at 119 of 150 required buys, with just over six days to go.

At $12.99, this is actually a pretty cheap Tshirt, so if you have a few bucks handy and you want to make sure you and 149 other people get hold of one, you can pledge a few bucks here.

KitGuru Says: What are some of the positive life lessons GTA has taught you guys? I bet there's loads… right?

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