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Nexus 10 with £350 price tag leaks

An internal retail listing at PC world, UK, may have outed the big brother of the new Nexus 7, the Asus Nexus 10, well before it was initially intended. It also has potentially let slip the price tag too, listing it at £349.99, making this tablet that bit more expensive than Samsung’s Nexus 10 which went on sale for £319.99.

This new iteration of the Nexus 10 was shown to be made by Asus, thereby extending it’s partnership with Google on this product line.


The previous Samsung Nexus 10 was famous for it’s high resolution 2560×1600 display and it’s design, featuring front facing speakers. The speakers in-fact, quickly became one of the most highly praised design elements of the Nexus 10. The new Nexus 7 on the other hand, came out with a slightly dated processor but this made room for the full HD screen.

The Nexus 10 being a lot more expensive should also feature much more high end specs but we won’t know until the announcement, which could come as early as mid October during the Google event. We are also expecting to see the new Nexus 5 at this event, although the exact date is yet to be announced.

KitGuru Says: The new Nexus 10 will be the high end Google tablet. Last year the Nexus 10 didn’t quite take off because the Nexus 7, at it’s magically low price point stole the show. This year the Nexus 10 could have a lot more to offer with the added benefit of running the latest version of Android, 4.4 Kitkat.

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