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Games for Windows Live isn’t shutting down after all

It turns out that Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live PC gaming service isn’t going anywhere, despite many assuming that it was being killed off. Even developers thought it was shutting down at the start of July as plenty of games switched from Microsoft’s service to alternatives like Steam Works.

Rumors sparked when an Age of Empires Online update claimed that Games for Windows Live would be shutting down on the 1st of July this year, although the update was quickly deleted. However, Game Informer got in touch with Microsoft and received the following statement: “We are continuing to support the Games for Windows Live service. As previously announced, as part of the retirement of Microsoft Points the Xbox.com PC marketplace was closed.”


“Although customers are unable to purchase new games from the marketplace or receive title updates, they can continue to enjoy previously purchased content by downloading them through the Games for Windows Live client as usual. We remain committed to investing in PC gaming in the years ahead, and look forward to sharing more in the future.”

Like the rest of us, one of Microsoft’s studios also thought that the service was closing down and has since switched to Steam Works. So while GFWL is relatively inactive for now, it looks like Microsoft wants to keep it around for the future just in-case it decides to do anything PC related.

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KitGuru Says: Well I guess that means Dark Souls won’t be switching to Steam Works, which is a shame as the GFWL service is horrible to use. Just because the service is sticking around for a bit longer doesn’t mean that developers have to utilize it though, hopefully most games will stay away from it. How do you guys feel about Games for Windows Live staying active?

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  • Anthony

    If windows actually supported their software and updated it, then it wouldn’t be so bad… I’d be happy if they turned it into something like xbox live on PC. I think it could then compete with the likes of steam. But its currently just awful!

  • rob

    Well if they used it, and updated it then maybe they wouldn’t be getting pushed out of the scene by origin and ubisoft for example and letting people think they’re shuttng it down. They’ve dropped the ball on that one, especially considering gta 4 being on gfwl.

  • Jordan

    Anthony, I have to completely disagree. Games for windows live is a service created by Microsoft to keep a leash on the games created for Xbox that are ported over to PC, it causes more problems than it solves in the eyes of most developers and customers by both forcing users through their servers and handicapping with the DRM they use.

  • Harry

    I actually like GFWL… Maybe it’s because I’m on 360 most of the time but I thought it was amazing I could sync my Xbox and Pc achievements and games together.