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GameSir VX2 brings mouse and keyboard support to consoles

There is something to be said for sitting back with a controller and playing games on a console, but a gamepad will never be able to match the speed, precision and freedom of movement as a mouse and keyboard. Fortunately, the GameSir VX2 AimBox has arrived, bringing the precision of gaming with a mouse to consoles. 

The GameSir VX2 AimBox launches this week, with support for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as the Nintendo Switch. This is a multi-compatible keyboard and mouse adapter and will work with cross-platform shooters like Call of Duty and Fortnite.

This is one of the first keyboard and mouse adapters with support for the PS5 console, and better yet, it also houses a 3.5mm audio jack, so you can conveniently plug your headphones in and get closer to the action.

The GameSir VX2 AimBox also has three USB ports, and uses “Agility Translator Technology”, so mouse movements will be conveyed 1:1, removing any unwanted latency issues. Through the GameSir app, users can customise their settings, including keybinds, mouse sensitivity and you can control the LEDs on the box as well.

The GameSir VX2 will be available later this month for £44.55 on Amazon in the UK or $59.95 in the US and comes with a micro USB and a Type-C cable for getting it set up.

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KitGuru Says: Have any of you switched over to console gaming in the past year due to lack of PC parts? Will you be looking to get your keyboard and mouse working on your console using an adapter like this? 

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