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GeForce Now update adds support for Chrome streaming and M1 Macs

Nvidia is updating GeForce Now this week, bringing support for the service to Chrome browsers and Apple's new M1 powered Macs. This means that streaming through the browser is now an available option on supported operating systems. 

Over on iOS and iPad OS, GeForce Now users have to stream their games through Safari. On Windows and Mac, streaming can be handled through Google Chrome. Streaming via Chrome may work on other devices, such as Linux PCs, but these aren't officially supported.

GeForce Now v2.0.27 also adds support for Macs with the M1 chip instead of an Intel CPU. Here are the main patch notes:

  • In 2.0.27 we are adding beta support for the Google Chrome browser, which will enable millions more prospective new PC gamers to easily play the latest games on Windows and macOS. (ChromeOS is already supported.)  Other platforms may work, but are unsupported.
  • Just point your Chrome browser to https://play.geforcenow.com to get started!
  • Good news: Our latest v2.0.27 macOS app officially supports these Apple products.

There are also a number of bug fixes in the latest version of GeForce Now:

  • If you changed your keyboard to non-English, you can now input alphabetical keys during streaming.
  • The correct filters will now be applied when you switch from Ansel to FreeStyle.
  • You will no longer see an infinite spinner in the feedback dialog box if you lose your network connection.
  • The setting page will no longer freeze after pressing the Snap button when using Ansel.
  • Fixed a problem where some games that were available on multiple game stores saw the same store repeated when using search or on the game details.
  • GeForce NOW will auto update properly after clicking Relaunch Now on macOS Big Sur.
  • Your preferred game store will now be properly selected when you launch a game for the second time.

Later this year, GeForce Now availability will be expanding to more countries, including Australia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

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