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Grand Theft Auto V is the latest surprise addition to Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has been adding some big games to the Xbox Game Pass service in recent weeks and 2020 is starting off strong with third-party partnerships. Aside from The Witcher 3 being added to the library, today Microsoft shadow dropped Grand Theft Auto V. 

Grand Theft Auto V coming to Game Pass is a complete surprise, as it was not previously announced or even rumoured. The game is only available through Game Pass for Console, although the game being on a service like this is still big news, as GTA V continues to dominate physical sales charts on consoles, especially here in the UK, where it is frequently in the top ten.

Downloading the game through Game Pass gets players access to all content, including the single-player campaign and GTA Online mode, which just recently got a big update called ‘Diamond Casino and Resort'.

Microsoft has a strong slate of first-party titles due to hit Game Pass over the course of this year, but strong third-party partnerships are also being formed. Hopefully later in the year, we'll see some surprises as big as this one.

KitGuru Says: For patient gamers who don't necessarily pick up every big game at launch, Game Pass is probably the best deal around. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft continues to push the service over the course of this year. 

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