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GTA Online Los Santos Summer Special is live now

Last month, Rockstar confirmed plans for ‘the biggest content update ever' for GTA Online. Now, that update has arrived, dubbed the ‘Los Santos Summer Special'. This is a pretty big update for GTA Online, containing more of pretty much everything. 

As a quick run down, you can expect 15 new vehicles, 6 new co-op missions, new business battles and more.

As we dive into the finer details, Rockstar has added a ton to vehicle customisation too, with 15 new types of off-road wheels, 30 new sets of street wheels and new tire designs. Those who own a Galaxy Superyacht can take part in six new co-op missions, which are all ready to launch right from the bridge of the boat.

There are nine new open wheel race tracks and a new race creator for custom races. Business Battles will see players heading to new locations across the map and shooting it out for increased rewards. There are two new arcade cabinets coming to Los Santos, including QUB3D, which comes all the way from Liberty City.

Finally, there is the Diamond Adversary series, a competitive series of eight modes, including Slasher, Every Bullet Counts, Hardest Target and Resurrection. There are also some other fixes and improvements coming to GTA Online with this update, which you can find in the patch notes.

KitGuru Says: Are many of you planning on diving back into GTA Online for this new update? 

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