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GTA Online Los Santos Summer Special is live now

Last month, Rockstar confirmed plans for ‘the biggest content update ever' for GTA Online. Now, that update has arrived, dubbed the ‘Los Santos Summer Special'. This is a pretty big update for GTA Online, containing more of pretty much everything.  As a quick run down, you can expect 15 new …

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GTA V actor addresses single player DLC rumours

Grand Theft Auto V has been out for quite a while now but still there are plenty of people out there hoping that Rockstar will eventually release some single player DLC. Recently, rumours surrounding new single player story content began making the rounds but unfortunately, it looks like the actor …

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Rockstar clarifies its stance on GTA V modding

It has taken the studio a while but Rockstar has finally clarified its stance on modding with Grand Theft Auto V, confirming that you won't be banned for using single-player mods or moved to the cheater pool . This follows several unconfirmed reports of users getting banned from GTA Online …

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Latest GTA V patch is breaking mods

If you have been playing Grand Theft Auto V with any mods installed on the PC, then you may find that they stop working after the latest patch. New reports are saying that patch 350.1 fixes up some bugs and stability issues but is also breaking a number of mods. …

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