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Rockstar is finally fixing GTA Online loading times with help from modder

Earlier this month, a modder discovered a fix for Grand Theft Auto Online's awful loading times. The game has suffered from lengthy loading screens since launch and as it turns out, some messy code was the root cause. Now, Rockstar is implementing the modder's fix in the main game, resulting in vastly improved loading times for all PC players. 

The fix was created by a player that goes by the name ‘t0st' online. After digging around the game files, they discovered that an unnecessary amount of file checks were being performed each time GTA Online tried to load, aside from that, Rockstar's implementation only used one CPU core when loading the game, bottlenecking performance further.

With some code optimisation, GTA Online loading was reduced by a massive 70% using t0st's fix. Rockstar has taken notice of their work, announcing that the fix will be implemented into the main game.

Beyond that, Rockstar has also made an exception in its bug bounty program. Traditionally, Rockstar pays out bounties to those who find security issues and not game issues such as long loading times. In this case though, Rockstar is making an exception, rewarding t0st with a $10,000 bounty.

KitGuru Says: It is great to see Rockstar recognising this fix and rewarding the creator. GTA Online will only be improved by implementing this. Do many of you still play GTA Online? Did you try t0st's loading fix already?

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