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GWENT is being shut down for Xbox One and PS4, mobile and PC development will continue

After shipping The Witcher 3’s final expansion, some of that development team decided to stay on the path, refining GWENT into its own standalone card game. The game has been out on PC for a long time now and spread to Xbox One and PS4 late last year. However, with the console versions not doing so well, CD Projekt Red has decided to drop support for them, opting to focus all future efforts on PC and mobile. 

In an announcement last night, CD Projekt Red said that it will be dropping the console versions of the game as it is becoming harder to keep feature parity between all the versions. GWENT on Xbox One and PS4 will essentially be ‘paused’ from the 9th of December onward, so while it will still be playable, there will be no future updates for these versions. However, the team will continue to release updates for the PC and mobile versions of the game.


Those who have progress on GWENT for Xbox One or PS4 will be able to transfer their progress to a GOG account, which can then be used on the PC, iOS and Android versions of the game. So you can keep your custom decks, progress, unlocked card collection etc. However, this option is only available until the 9th of June 2020.

After June next year, the Xbox One and PS4 versions of GWENT will no longer be operational and will be delisted.

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KitGuru Says: Perhaps this is why games like Hearthstone have never spread to Xbox One or PS4. It is a shame to see two versions of GWENT essentially cancelled but if feature parity is an issue, then refocusing on compatible platforms does make sense. Do any of you currently play the standalone version of GWENT at all?

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