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Retro game streaming platform ‘Antstream Arcade’ partners with SNK

Antstream Arcade, a subscription-based retro game streaming service, has announced that it is partnering with SNK, publishers of some of the most well known classic retro titles, including Metal Slug, The King of Fighters, And Samurai Shodown. This partnership means that a number of SNK’s biggest retro titles will be coming to the platform, including Fatal Fury and Last Resort.

Antstream Arcade was founded in 2013 and has become the largest retro game subscription service in the world, with over 800 titles available on the service. The service functions similarly to Google Stadia, in that it is all streaming-based, with no downloads required. Of course, unlike Google Stadia, Antstream Arcade focuses on retro titles, which requires substantially less bandwidth to stream.

Speaking on the partnership, Sandy Li, Manager of Licensing & Business Development (Americas & EMEA regions) at SNK Corporation said “Antstream Arcade will allow games like Metal Slug and Metal Slug X to be enjoyed on modern platforms, but also experienced in a completely different way through the social challenges. We can’t wait to see the reaction of gamers and the added value this partnership will bring”.

One of Antstream Arcade’s touted features are its aforementioned social challenges “where friends can challenge each other, in an effort to top the global leader board”, adding new functionality and replayability to these retro titles. Antstream Arcade also recently announced that it’ll be partnering with the upcoming Atari VCS console.

The service is currently available on PC, Mac, Android, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, and Xbox One. A PlayStation 4 release has been confirmed, although there is currently no ETA on its release.

The retro game streaming service is currently only available in a select number of countries (the UK is included), but a wider release has been promised for 2020. Antstream Arcade costs £9.99 per month, or £7.99 on an annual plan. The full list of games available on the service can be found here.

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