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Hades 2 will stay in Early Access until at least early 2025

Hades 2 has got off to a fantastic start, amassing high praise from fans and critics upon the launch of the game's Early Access version. The game is not complete yet and Early Access projects can sometimes take years to reach their ‘final' state. Super Giant has now confirmed its plans for Hades 2, planning to remain in early access until early next year. 

In an interview with PCGamer, Hades 2 Creative Director, Greg Kasavin, confirmed that the game will remain in early access “at least through the end of this year”. That is the long-term plan, but players will have plenty to look forward to in the short-term as well.

Kasavin explained that there will be a couple of “small patches to improve parts of the game” in the weeks ahead to polish up a few bugs and issues players have encountered. From there, they will focus on getting the game's first major update ready, which should be ready in a few months time.

Major updates in Hades 2 will contain new locations, enemies, features and other content, essentially expanding the game incrementally until the game is fully content complete. The original Hades was in early access for around two years but Hades 2 appears to be in a polished state already so hopefully that time will indeed be cut down for Hades 2. So far, that does seem to be the plan.

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