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Hello Games is still working on No Man’s Sky content, free expansion coming this week

While No Man’s Sky didn’t turn out to be the game many thought it would be, the backlash and poor public reception certainly hasn’t deterred Hello Games from carrying on. Since launching last year, No Man’s Sky has received some patches but this week, the game will be getting a big expansion titled ‘Atlas Rises’. It’s free too, so those who kept the game sitting in their library don’t need to cough up any extra cash.

No Man’s Sky Update 1.3 contains the Atlas Rises expansion, which “focuses on improving the central story” and adds new fast travel points across the in-game universe using Stargate style portals.


In the build up to this update, the development team behind No Man’s Sky wanted to fire up the player base a bit by hiding cassettes throughout the game. This turned into an ARG filled with hints at the new content update. During that time, just over 250,000 players logged in to the game to help out, so it seems this game still has a dedicated community behind it.

The Atlas Rises update may contain more content than what is listed here. However, until the full patch notes are posted, we won’t know all the details. The update is expected to begin rolling out this week, so we should hear more soon.

KitGuru Says: No Man’s Sky has had a troubled history but it’s good to see that the developers didn’t give up on it. Even now, the game is still being worked on, so perhaps eventually, it will be able to meet some of the expectations players had prior to release.

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