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HITMAN 2 is getting free content updates throughout November as sequel development ramps up

HITMAN 2 has had quite the year, delivering content updates at a rate that put other ‘live service' games to shame. IO Interactive is continuing this streak with new content throughout November, although things are starting to wind down as work on the sequel starts to ramp up.

In November, HITMAN 2 players will be getting four content drops, including 10 Featured Contracts, 8 Escalation Contracts, 6 Challenge Packs, 5 new unlockable items, two new unlockable suits for Agent 47 and a new Legacy Elusive Target. you can get a quick look at these new updates in the roadmap video below:

This month's round of updates also double as a one-year anniversary celebration for the game. So far, IO Interactive has been able to deliver something new to the game every single week for twelve months straight, which is quite the achievements, particularly when you look at the number of bigger studios that struggle to nail the ‘live service' concept.

November is expected to be the “final major patch” for HITMAN 2 though, as after 13 months straight of constant support, IO Interactive is “looking increasingly to the future”. What that essentially means is that the studio is “moving more and more of the HITMAN 2 team to join the next Hitman game, which is well underway”.

There will still be content updates in 2020, which will primarily focus on Featured Contracts as well as ‘community curated' contracts. Some older elusive target missions will also return for those that missed them the first time around. Then in late 2020, or perhaps in 2021, we should start hearing about Agent 47's next adventure.

KitGuru Says: HITMAN 2 is one of those games that I've found myself coming back to quite often over the last year. Have many of you played the game since release? Given all the different methods you can use to take down targets, I've found the game to have solid replay value even without the consistent updates.

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