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Hogwarts Legacy cut content includes a karma system and wizard police

Hogwarts Legacy launched with a few RPG elements but it isn't a full-blown Role Playing game. At one point, more RPG features were planned for the game, as dataminers discovered a hidden morality and reputation system in the game files. 

YouTuber GrandTheftDiamonds (via PCGamer) recently posted a video going through some of the game's cut content found within the files. One such example is a morality and reputation system, where players would be awarded or deducted house points based on certain actions, such as using the game's dark magic spells.

As we know, the developers did end up deciding to allow players to use dark magic in the game without penalty, and using those spells doesn't have an impact on the game's story.

There was even a Wizard police system of sorts being worked on, in which investigators could be called to a crime scene if the player commits an act like murder. If caught, the player could be ‘scolded' in some form and there was also the potential to hit a Game Over screen if the player committed too many atrocities. Ultimately, this idea was scrapped, either due to time constraints or simply to give players more freedom to play around with all of the game's spells and abilities without fear of retribution.

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KitGuru Says: Considering these ideas were in place for the original game, if a sequel is ever greenlit, we could potentially see some of this return in some form. While I'm not sure we need wizard police chasing us around like we're in a fantasy version of GTA, a karma system could add some depth to conversations and character interactions. 

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