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Horizon Zero Dawn PC patch finally removes lengthy shader optimisation process

It has been a while since we last checked in with the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn. Today, Guerrilla released the latest patch, which includes some pretty major upgrades, including a rewrite of the shader system and the ability to skip the lengthy shader optimisation process. 

Patch 1.07 for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC contains these improvements. The new update also fixes Anistropic Filtering, so it is now working as intended. To save time and get players into the game quicker, the shader optimisation process now takes place in the main menu and automatically in the background during gameplay.

Here are the patch notes:

  • Anisotropic Filtering now works correctly
  • The mandatory/unskippable shader optimisation step at first launch has been removed
  • Shaders are now pre-optimised in the game’s Main Menu, but can be skipped
  • Shaders are also optimised dynamically in-game

There are still some performance issues on “specific GPUs or hardware combinations”, HDR can be hit or miss for some and there is an issue with CPUs with extremely high core-counts (16+) creating instability.

KitGuru Says: Guerrilla has spent a lot of time going down the list of issues with Horizon Zero Dawn on PC and tackling each one. At this point, the PC version is about as polished as it is going to get. Are many of you still playing this on PC? Have you tried the latest patch at all?

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