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Dataminers uncover Black Panther and War Machine in Marvel’s Avengers

At this point, Crystal Dynamics has put plans for future Avengers content on hold in order to further refine the base game. However, thanks to the efforts of dataminers, we do have a good idea as to which characters are coming next. 

We already know that Kate Bishop and Clint Barton are arriving as the first new characters for the game, followed by Spider-Man sometime in 2021 as an ill-advised PlayStation exclusive DLC. From there, it looks like we can expect Black Panther and War Machine to make appearances too.

As reported by Avengers dataminer, Miller, on Twitter, information on Black Panther, War Machine and new missions for Marvel's Avengers have been uncovered in the latest patch.

Exactly when we'll see all of this new content release still remains to be seen. The first DLC character and hero mission storyline is due out in early 2021. Hopefully there will be a steady feed of new characters and story content after that.

KitGuru Says: I could see Black Panther being a lot of fun to play in this game, particularly if the combat allows for flashy melee combos. Have many of you played Marvel's Avengers since launch? Would you return to the game if the right new character comes along? 

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